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Find the Best Short Term Health Insurance Coverage Today

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Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance plans or Temporary Health Insurance plans provide medical coverage for a limited period. There can be situations in which individuals may be uninsured for a small period, and as a result, in need of short-term medical insurance. Short-term health insurance plans provide coverage from 30 days up to 180 days. Short term health insurance will be primarily required by

  • New immigrants
  • Individuals who missed open enrollment to ACA insurance
  • Citizens who are coming back to the country after staying abroad
  • People transitioning between jobs
  • Temporary workers and their dependents
  • Early retirees waiting to get enrolled to Medicare

Short term health insurance plans have many advantages like cheap insurance rates, policy maximum up to $2 million, easy enrollment, and coverage for individuals as young as 18 years old. At the same time, short term health insurance remains excluded from government subsidies, policy renewals are not guaranteed and do not meet ACA standards

Short-term health insurance plans also have state restrictions,  eligibility requirements. We connected you to expert agents who can offer you the best short term insurance quote. Call 888-883-0929 and get a free short term health insurance quote.

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