Find the Right Health Insurance Coverage for you and your Family

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Find the Right Health Insurance Coverage for you and your Family

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What is Health Insurance?

If you have an illness or injury, health insurance can cover private treatment for pre-agreed conditions and ailments.

Insurers sometimes refer to health insurance as private medical insurance (PMI) but in most cases the product is the same – although what’s covered will vary from policy to policy.

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What’s covered by health insurance?

Private health insurance could cover treatments like:

  • In-patient treatments, such as routine health checks, tests and surgery
  • Out-patient care, such as overnight stays
  • Cash benefit if private treatment takes place in an NHS ward or facility
  • The use of diagnostic equipment
  • Cost of appointments, plus the consultant’s time
  • Prosthetics and wigs

What’s not covered by health insurance?

Health insurance policies don’t generally cover:

  • Chronic conditions
  • GP services
  • Accident and emergency admissions
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Drug abuse
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Infertility
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Preventative treatment
  • Mobility aids

Types of Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance Plan

Our expert agents will help in finding affordable health insurance options for individuals who require private health insurance.

Family Health Insurance Plan

A family health insurance plan will cover the expenses for you, your spouse and your children in case of serious medical emergencies.

Short Term Health Insurance Plan

Short term health insurance plans have many advantages like cheap insurance rates, policy maximum up to $2 million, easy enrollment.

Small Business Health Insurance

Health insurance is a critical factor in retaining & recruiting employees for small businesses. Find best options available for a small business owner

How to get Health Insurance


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential benefits of being a private patient?

The benefits of being a private patient will depend on your policy but could include:

  • Shorter waiting lists than the NHS
  • Private rooms, possibly with own en-suite
  • Facilities such as a television
  • Possible access to a wider range of treatments than what is available on the NHS

How much will a private medical insurance policy cost?

This is dependent on the policy you choose and your individual circumstances, including the level of cover you require.

What factors will affect the cost of my health insurance?

Insurers will consider many different factors when calculating your insurance premium such as:

  • Your age
  • Whether you smoke or vape
  • How much your voluntary excess is
  • Level of outpatient cover you need
  • How many nominated hospitals you choose
  • Your medical history

You might be able to bring your premium down further by choosing a six week wait option on your policy. This means that if the NHS waiting list is less than six weeks for the treatment you need, you’ll have it done on the NHS instead.

What should I consider when choosing private health insurance?

Have a think about:

  • What conditions you’d like to cover
  • What treatments you’d want on the policy
  • What level of cover you need
  • Your budget
  • How long you’re happy to wait before you make a claim (there may be a qualifying period)

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